⊹ Lars Alexander Pinkwart

Lars Alexander Pinkwart is a researcher with a background in media studies and STS at the University of Potsdam and Goldsmiths, University of London. Currently, he is a student and research assistant at ⊹ New Practice, a platform between University of the Arts and Technische Universität Berlin.

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Porous Bodies
Collaborative Research Project

with Viktor Reiter, Julika Hother,
Axel Þórisson, Nani Guattarez

How can we enhance the feeling of “being” the virtual body through sensory feedback and can we change our perception and understanding of the body with experiences in the virtual?

The research project consisted of a wearable prototype in the form of a pneumatic Arduino-controlled vest in conjunction with an immersive Unity VR experience. Through the lens of soft robotics and wearable technology, bodily experiences in virtual reality was analyzed. The materiality and role of the body in virtual spaces was explored, and wearable technologies were considered as a body/world interface. The project aims to counter commercial and normative understandings of the body that increasingly spill over to the „Metaverse“, instead offering an opening towards imagining new corporealities and wearable and more organic VR devices through an artistic, material-based process.