Lars Pinkwart

My research, blending media theory, philosophy and the history of technology, engages critically with forms of organisation and their aesthetics, histories and associated technological innovations. Currently, I am investigating the conceptual intersection of complexity science, economics and AI.  Aside from academic research, I design, curate and coordinate formats at New Practice such as the event series Loops. I hold an interdisciplinary MA in Design & Computation at UdK and TU Berlin. Before, I studied at the intersection of media studies, visual culture and philosophy at University of Potsdam and Goldsmiths, UoL.

New Practice →
Postdisciplinary Research Platform on Technological Transformations between UdK Berlin and TU Berlin

Loops Event Series 
with Matteo Pasquinelli, Orit Halpern, Anna Engelhardt, Milagros Miceli, John-Dylan Haynes, Vladan Joler, AA Cavia and others,
running since 2023, prize winner of the Projekt Zukunft Berlin. →
Research and Current Interests

Ars Electronica 2022
Group Exhibition
Workshop C/O Berlin w. Debbie Ding →
Game engines in artistic and creative practice